Right-wing Populisms and the City

The recent years have witnessed an upswing of populist right-wing movements. The Trump
presidency in the United States, the electoral victories of the ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ in
Germany, and the Modi regime in India among others signal a new political landscape
organized around xenophobia, Islamophobia and racial-ethnic division and exclusion. A
pressing question is the role of the city, the urban experience, and urban politics in such
resurgent right-wing populisms. We invite papers that address this question, that examine the
spatialities of right-wing ideologies, that consider the persistent and resurgent histories of
right-wing populisms, and that explore the implications of the present political conjuncture for
urban futures.

Papers should conform to the submission guidelines of IJURR and will be subject to the usual
processes of peer-review. In addition to full-length submissions, we also encourage briefer
pieces (roughly 5,000 words) that might be more appropriately considered for the
Interventions section or the web ‘Spotlight On’.

Deadline for submissions in response to this CfP: 31st March 2018