IJURR and RC21 (Research Committee 21, on the Sociology of Urban and Regional Development) of the International Sociological Association were established by the same radical scholars in the 1970s, and continue to have very close links. Neither IJURR nor RC21 are exclusively sociological: IJURR draws on diverse disciplines in critical urban scholarship, whilst RC21 is also a home to many scholars from disciplines besides sociology.

The relationship between IJURR and RC21 is institutionalised in that the Board of RC21 nominates one of its members to serve on the Editorial Board of IJURR, and the Editorial Board of IJURR in turn nominates one of its members, usually a member of the editorial team, to serve on the Board of RC21.

IJURR also hosts lectures or other events at most RC21 conferences. Speakers at recent conferences have included Saskia Sassen and Harvey Molotch. At the RC21 conference in Amsterdam in July 2011, IJURR will host a conversation between AbdouMaliq Simone and Mike Savage.

IJURR and RC21 collaborate in running a School on “Comparative Urban Studies” every two years. Hitherto these have been timed to coincide with RC21 conferences. The inaugural School was held in São Paulo (Brazil), in August 2009. It was hosted by Eduardo Marques and the Centre for Metropolitan Studies (CEM) at the University of São Paulo. The second School will be held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in July 2011. Speakers at the Amsterdam School will include: Isa Baud (U. of Amsterdam), Talja Blokland (Humboldt U. at Berlin), Anouk de Koning (U. of Amsterdam) Ewald Engelen (U. of Amsterdam), Philip Kasinitz (City U. of New York), Yuri Kazepov (University of Urbino and President of RC21), Patrick Le Galès (Sciences-Po, Paris), John Mollenkopf (City U. of New York), Clara Mulder (U. of Amsterdam), Jenny Robinson (University College London), Mike Savage (U. of Manchester), Jeremy Seekings (U. of Cape Town and co-editor of IJURR), AbdouMaliq Simone (Goldsmiths College, London) and Jeroen van der Waal (Erasmus U.). Generous funding from FURS allows IJURR/RC21 to offer scholarships to students from developing countries to attend these Schools. Further information about the 2011 Amsterdam School can be found here.

RC21’s own website is: http://www.rc21.org/