Writing up Grants 2020

Samuel Twumasi Amoah

Samuel Twumasi Amoah is a PhD candidate in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape Town, South Africa. He holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Development Studies and a Master of Science degree in Human Geography from the University for Development Studies – Ghana and Lund University – Sweden respectively. His PhD project provides understanding and empirical analysis of how street traders’ everyday experiences, actions and activities interact with other governance actors to co-create the governance of their trading activities and trading spaces. He is currently a Lecturer at the University for Development Studies, Ghana.

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Divine Mawuli Asafo

Divine relocated from Ghana to the United Kingdom in 2016 to pursue a PhD in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield. Prior to this, he worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana, where he graduated with BA (Hons) and MPhil in Geography and Resource Development.

Urban peripheries, especially in the global south have become places for new development, hence, his research interest centres on examining spatial developments, lived experiences, and vulnerabilities of urban periphery transformations. Currently, he focuses on how tenure (in)securities affect housing development in the peripheries of Accra, Ghana. This is linked with a wider ESRC project, ‘Living the Urban Peripheries’.

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Diego Astorga de Ita

Diego Astorga de Ita earned a BSc in Environmental Science and MSc in Biology from the Institute for Ecosystems and Sustainability Research (IIES) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His previous research focused on beekeeping within traditional Maya management systems in the Yucatán Peninsula. His current work looks at the landscapes of the region of El Sotavento (the Leeward) in South-eastern Mexico, and at the (de)construction of Culture and Nature through folk music in these spaces.

His research interests include the geographies of music, the ontologies of Culture/Nature, and the Poetics of Space.

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Anastasiya Halauniova

Anastasiya Halauniova is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Born in Belarus, she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, and later to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to study Urban Sociology. Her interests lie at the intersection of cultural and urban sociology, science and technology studies, feminist methodologies and creative academic writing. Currently she is conducting a research project on the valuation of buildings in two cities in Poland and Lithuania, where valuation and maintenance of architecture do not have taken-for-granted character. Thinking of buildings as “difficult objects”, she explores the ways in which various urban experts explore different goods, stabilize or challenge them through material interventions in the built environment.

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Fadi Shayya

Fadi is a candidate for PhD Architecture at the Manchester Architecture Research Group (MARG) of the University of Manchester. His doctoral thesis studies the U.S. military engineering’s urban and architectural imaginaries of mobility in Iraq and Afghanistan, drawing on the philosophy of technology and the sociology of innovation. His research training is grounded in ten years of professional practice and public engagement in the MENA region, and it includes planning, urbanism, ecological design, and architectural engineering. He has taught at the Manchester School of Architecture, the University of Manchester, Parsons School of Design-New York, and the American University of Beirut.

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Telma de Sousa Bemerguy

Telma is an anthropologist born and raised in Santarém, a city of the Brazilian Amazon. She initiated her studies at Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará where she graduated with a B.A in Anthropology in 2015. Just after that, she moved to Rio de Janeiro to start her M.A in Social Anthropology at the National Museum of Brazil, a graduate program of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Currently, she is a PhD student at this same program. Her works were carried out in the Brazilian Amazon, through research projects performed in the States of Pará and Mato Grosso.

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Yawei Zhao

Yawei is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada. Her research interests include urban-rural relationships in the post-productivist era, the creative class and lifestyle migration, informalities, the urbanization of small cities and towns, the production and consumption of experiencescapes, and data-driven Smart City projects, with a regional focus on China. She has published in Cities, Area, and Geoforum.


Studentships 2020

Ozlem Atalay

Ozlem Atalay is a third year PhD candidate in Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University. She received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in urban planning from University at Buffalo, SUNY and Istanbul Technical University, respectively. As a part of her study of LGBTQ spaces in Istanbul, she plans to analyse several inclusive queer spaces and neighbourhoods to understand the effects of national and local government politics, and the involvement of LGBTQ communities in the local decision making processes. She is interested in LGBTQ spaces, space making and everyday resistance strategies of LGBTQ individuals across the globe.

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Brandon Finn

Brandon is an urban planning PhD candidate at Harvard University. He is a South African, and influenced by geography’s tradition of engagement with space, labour, and urbanization in the Southern Africa region. Brandon uses qualitative and archival research methodologies and is broadly interested in Africa’s relation to the history of capitalism. Brandon’s PhD research contends with the historical impacts of urbanization and colonialism on mining labour in the African Copperbelt. He is specifically interested in understanding how historical, and structural legacies of urbanization and colonialism have influenced informal economies today.

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Siddharth Menon

Siddharth Menon is an Architect and a Doctoral Candidate in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA with research interests in Urban & Regional Studies, International Development, Political Ecology, and Science & Technology Studies (STS). His dissertation research involves a critical analysis of uneven geographical/spatial development as it relates to the construction of buildings and infrastructures in rapidly urbanizing regional towns and cities of contemporary India.

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