Volume 19  Issue 2  June 1995




Osaka’s Tokyo Problem*

R&D and the ‘Peace Dividend’: A Review of the Implications for Some Local Defence‐Dependent Economies in the UK

Globalization and Local Resistance: The Creation of Localities in Manila and Bangkok*

Local Dimensions of Global Restructuring: Changing Labour‐market Contours in Urban Costa Rica*

Home Ownership and Commodification of Housing in Zimbabwe

Borders, National Sovereignty and European Integration: The British—Irish Case

Gentrification in New York, London and Paris: An International Comparison*

Restructuring or reconciliation? South Africa’s Reconstruction and Development Programme*

Cities, Enterprises and Society on the Eve of the 21st Century: a fordist conference on cities in the era of flexible production, Lille, March 1994*

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Book Reviews

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