Volume 22  Issue 1  March 1998


Policy Statement

IJURR: looking back twenty‐one years later




Metropolitan government and governance in western countries: a critical review

Industrial and regional restructuring and changing form of state intervention: the development of partnerships in postwar Japan

The long‐term unemployed, informal economic activity and the ‘underclass’ in Belfast: rejecting or reinstating the work ethic

Economic restructuring and state intervention in Holdenist suburbia: understanding urban poverty in Australia

Privatizing the commons: reforming the ejido and urban development in Mexico

Evaluation of urban land supply policy in Iran

Reflective images: the case of urban regeneration in Glasgow and Bilbao

The Green Revolution, agrarian productivity and labor

South Africa’s New Housing Policy: An Assessment of the First Two Years, 1994–96

Think‐Tanks, Consultancies and Urban Policy in the UK

International Network for Urban Research and Action Conference on Possible Urban Worlds, Zurich, June 1997

Response to Loïc J.D. Wacquant’s ‘Three Pernicious Premises in the Study of the American Ghetto’

Book Reviews

Book Reviews