Volume 22  Issue 4  December 1998




Introduction: Congealed time, compressed place; roots and branches of urban symbolic ecology

Reminiscences of the relief of Leiden: a total ritual event

Canberra: a sheep in wolf’s clothing

Monuments in the winds of change

Political tuning in Ankara, a capital, as reflected in its urban symbols and images

Esfahan’s gardens and mosques: on the instrumentality of symbols as a means of retaining urban identity

Transformations of a city centre in the light of ideologies: the case of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

State‐society relations and national development: a comparison of Argentina and Taiwan in the 1990s

Migration transition or migration transformation in the Asian dragon economies?

Conditions for spatial segregation: some European perspectives

Research Planning Group on International Tourism and Urban Restructuring in Comparative Perspective, April 1998

The origins of the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies, or the advantages of owning the title and having charitable status in the running of journals

Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS): the first three years

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Shorter Reviews

Shorter Reviews


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