Volume 25  Issue 1  March 2001




Explaining Urban Regimes

The Atlanta Experience Re‐examined: The Link Between Agenda and Regime Change

Drug Policy‐making in Metropolitan Areas: Urban Conflicts and Governance

Clichés of Urban Doom: The Dystopian Politics of Metaphors for the Unequal City – a View from Brussels

Coming to Terms with London: Middle‐class Communities in a Global City

Estate Agents as Interpreters of Economic and Cultural Capital: The Gentrification Premium in the Sydney Housing Market

Straddling the Divides: Remaking Associational Life in the Informal African City

Rural Migrants and Patriarchy in Turkish Cities

Strategies of Waste: Bidding Wars in the Brazilian Automobile Sector

The Poverty of Radical Theory Today: From the False Promises of Marxism to the Mirage of the Cultural Turn

Contested Urban Futures: Report on a Global Gathering in Johannesburg, 2000

Review Articles

Revitalizing Inner‐City Neighborhoods in the United States

Book Reviews

Book Reviews