Volume 25  Issue 3  September 2001




Contingent Chicago: Restructuring the Spaces of Temporary Labor

The Ambiguous Terrain of Rights: Civic Stratification in Italy’s Emergent Immigration Regime

The Competitive Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy): Some Evidence from the Clothing and Textile Industry in San Giuseppe Vesuviano

The Structure of Networks in Industrial Districts

Forms of Proximity, Local Governance and the Dynamics of Local Economic Spaces: The Case of Industrial Conversion Processes

Innovation and Interdependencies in the New Zealand Custom Boat‐building Industry

Youth as a Political Movement: Development of the Squatters’ and Autonomous Movement in Copenhagen

‘You’re Good with your Hands, Why Don’t You Become an Auto Mechanic’: Neighborhood Context, Institutions and Career Development

Strengthening Access to Land for Housing for the Poor in Maputo, Mozambique

Housing Policy in a Context of HIV/AIDS and Globalization

The Banality of Interdiction: Surveillance, Control and the Displacement of Diversity

Review Articles

Grounded Speculations on Theories of the City and the City of Theory

City Moves: An Essay in Honour of Ian Taylor

Book Reviews

Book Reviews