Volume 26  Issue 2  June 2002




Immigrant Place Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, 1970–99

Plural Cities and Ethnic Enclaves: Introducing a Measurement Procedure for Comparative Study

Social Movements and Public Administration: Spontaneous Citizens’ Committees in Florence

City versus Metropolis: The Northern League in the Milan Metropolitan Area

Cities for nations? Examining the city–nation–state relation in Information Age Malaysia

Aspects of the Informal Economy in a Transforming Country: The Case of Romania

International Petty Trading: Changing Practices in Trans–Carpathian Ukraine

Whose Place is This Space? Life in the Street Prostitution Area of Helsinki, Finland

Determinants of Repayment in Microcredit: Evidence from Programs in the United States

International Best Practice, Enabling Frameworks and the Policy Process: A South African Case Study

Immigration and the Global City Hypothesis: Towards an Alternative Research Agenda

Understanding Urban Inequality: A Model Based on Existing Theories and an Empirical Illustration

Transformation of Urban Life in China

Geography as Interdisciplinary Pivot

Book Reviews

Book Reviews