Volume 31  Issue 1  March 2007


The Market as the New Emperor

The Trickle‐down Effect: Ideology and the Development of Premium Water Networks in China’s Cities

Working the Socio‐Natural Relations of the Urban Waterscape in South Africa

Shuttling Goods, Weaving Consumer Tastes: Informal Trade between Turkey and Russia

Changes in Clientelism and Urban Government: A Comparative Case Study of Naples and Marseilles

Developing the Social Economy in Ireland?

Negotiating Acts of Citizenship in an Era of Neoliberal Reform: The Game of School Closures

Political Rescaling and Municipal Cultural Public Policies: A Comparison of France and Québec

The Evolution of an Innovation System in a Rural Area: The Case of La Pocatière, Québec


Introduction to a Debate on City‐Regions: New Geographies of Governance, Democracy and Social Reproduction

The Political Construction of the City‐Region: Notes from Sydney

Inequality and Politics in the Creative City‐Region: Questions of Livability and State Strategy

City‐Regions, Neoliberal Globalization and Democracy: A Research Agenda

Home Truths about Care‐less Competitiveness

City‐Regions and Social Reproduction: A ‘Place’ for Sustainable Development?

Review Essays

Explaining incomprehensible Bombay in three volumes

Book Reviews

Public Space and the Culture of Childhood – By Gill Valentine

The Curious Feminist: Searching for Women in a New Age of Empire – By Cynthia Enloe

The Peoples of Las Vegas: One City, Many Faces – Edited by Jerry L. Simich and Thomas C. Wright

Droit au Logement, genèse et sociologie d’une mobilization – By Cécile Péchu

Building Assets, Building Credit: Creating Wealth in Low‐Income Communities – By Nicholas P. Retsinas and Eric Belsky
Home Ownership and Social Inequality in Comparative Perspective – By Karin Kurz and Hans‐Peter Blossfeld


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