Volume 32  Issue 2  June 2008


Carceral Chicago: Making the Ex‐offender Employability Crisis

The Chengzhongcun Land Market in China: Boon or Bane? — A Perspective on Property Rights

Making Class Politics Possible: Organizing Contract Cleaners in London

Institutional Responses to EU Challenges: Attempting to Articulate a Local Regulatory Scale in Greece

Exploring the Social Face of Urban Mobility: Daily Mobility as Part of the Social Structure in Spain


Political Infrastructures: Governing and Experiencing the Fabric of the City

Technologies of Government: Constituting Subjectivities, Spaces, and Infrastructures in Colonial and Contemporary Jakarta

Let’s Drink to the Great Thirst! Water and the Politics of Fractured Techno‐natures in Sicily

Governing the Contaminated City: Infrastructure and Sanitation in Colonial and Post‐Colonial Bombay

‘Cold spots’ of Urban Infrastructure: ‘Shrinking’ Processes in Eastern Germany and the Modern Infrastructural Ideal


The Role of Small Towns in Regional Development and Poverty Reduction in Ghana

The Electoral Impact of Direct‐Democratic Practices

The Challenges of Pursuing Cluster Policy in the Congested State

On Some Challenges and Conditions for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to be an Effective Economic Re‐activator

Book Reviews

Violent Night: Urban Leisure and Contemporary Culture – By Simon Winlow and Steve Hall

Right to Housing: Foundation for a New Social Agenda – Edited by Rachel Bratt, Michael Stone and Chester Hartman

Social Policy for the Twenty‐First Century – By Bill Jordan

The European City and Green Space: London, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg, 1850–2000 – Edited by Peter Clark

The Dynamics of Chinese Regional Development — Market Nature, State Nurture – By Jane Golley

Urban Studies – Edited by Sujata Patel and Kushal Deb

Population Turnover and Area Deprivation – By Nick Bailey and Mark Livingston

Geographies of the New Economy: Critical Reflections – Edited by Peter W. Daniels, Michael J. Bradshaw, Jonathan Beaverstock and Andrew Leyshon