Volume 33  Issue 1  March 2009


Precarious Work and Economic Migration: Emerging Immigrant Divisions of Labour in Greater London’s Service Sector

Immigration as Local Politics: Re‐Bordering Immigration and Multiculturalism through Deterrence and Incapacitation

Resisting the Entrepreneurial City: Street Vendors’ Struggle in Mexico City’s Historic Center

The Consequences of the Creative Class: The Pursuit of Creativity Strategies in Australia’s Cities

Artists, Tourists, and the State: Cultural Tourism and the Flamenco Industry in Andalusia, Spain

The Niche City Idea: How a Declining Manufacturing Center Exploited the Opportunities of Globalization

Legal Tenure Security, Perceived Tenure Security and Housing Improvement in Buenos Aires: An Attempt towards Integration

Contesting Property Development in Coastal New Zealand: A Case Study of Ocean Beach, Hawke’s Bay

Fire and Ice: Unnatural Disasters and the Disposable Urban Poor in Post‐Apartheid Johannesburg

Urban Worlds

‘Urban Ecological Security’: A New Urban Paradigm?


Surmounting City Silences: Knowledge Creation and the Design of Urban Democracy in the Everyday Economy

Re‐engaging the Intersections of Media, Politics and Cities — Introduction to a Debate

Urban Political Economy, ‘New Urban Politics’ and the Media: Insights and Limits

Reason in the City? Communicative Action, Media and Urban Politics

The City versus the Media? Mapping the Mobile Geographies of Public Address

Mediating Urban Politics

Book Reviews

Prozesse der Integration und Ausgrenzung. Türkische Migranten der zweiten Generation – By Norbert Gestring, Andrea Janssen and Ayça Polat
 Ethnische Kolonien. Entstehung, Funktion und Wandel am Beispiel türkischer Moscheen und Cafés – By Rauf Ceylan

New York Stories: The Best of the City Section of the New York Times – Edited by Constance Rosenblum

Going Local: Decentralization, Democratization, and the Promise of Good Governance – By Merilee S. Grindle

Open Fire. Understanding Global Gun Cultures – Edited by Charles Fruehling Springwood

City of Collision: Jerusalem and the Principles of Conflict Urbanism – Edited by Philipp Misselwitz and Tim Rieniets

Global ‘Body Shopping’: An Indian Labor System in the Information Technology Industry – By Xiang Biao

Cities in Globalization: Practices, Policies and Theories – Edited by Peter J. Taylor, Ben Derudder, Pieter Saey and Frank Witlox

Securing an Urban Renaissance: Crime, Community and British Urban Policy – Edited by Rowland Atkinson and Gesa Helms

Planning and Transformation: Learning from the Post‐Apartheid Experience – By Philip Harrison, Alison Todes and Vanessa Watson


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