Volume 33  Issue 3  September 2009


Justice, Nature and the City

The Antinomies of the Postpolitical City: In Search of a Democratic Politics of Environmental Production

Ecological Gentrification: A Research Agenda Exploring Justice in the City

Assemblages of Justice: The ‘Ghost Ships’ of Graythorp

The Wood for the Trees: Ordinary Environmental Injustice and the Everyday Right to Urban Nature

Urban Worlds

Small Cities? Towards a Research Agenda


The UK Space Economy as Practised by Advanced Producer Service Firms: Identifying Two Distinctive Polycentric City‐Regional Processes in Contemporary Britain

The Contribution of Regional Networks to Innovation and Challenges for Regional Policy

Analysing Democracy in Third‐Party Government: Business Improvement Districts in the US and UK

Partnerships for Demolition: The Governance of Urban Renewal in East Germany’s Shrinking Cities

Re‐imaging the City Centre for the Middle Classes: Regeneration, Gentrification and Symbolic Policies in ‘Loser Cities’

‘People Is All That Is Left to Privatize’: Water Supply Privatization, Globalization and Social Justice in Belize City, Belize


An Integrated Model of Subnational Regional and Urban Economic Development: Framework of Analysis

Debate on Urban Outcasts: Preface

Urban Outcasts: A Contextualized Outlook on Advanced Marginality

Space Matters — Marginalization and Its Places

The State and Marginality: Reflections on Urban Outcasts from China’s Urban Transition

Marginality, Again?!

The Ghetto, the Hyperghetto and the Fragmentation of the World

Revisiting Loïc Wacquant’s Urban Outcasts

Book Reviews

China’s Urban Space: Development under Market Socialism – By T.G. McGee, George C.S. Lin, Andrew M. Marton, Mark Y.L. Wang and Jiaping Wu
 Urban Development in Post‐Reform China: State, Market and Space – By Fulong Wu, Jiang Xu and Anthony Gar‐On Yeh

Spaces of Work: Global Capitalism and Geographies of Labour – By Noel Castree, Neil Coe, Kevin Ward and Michael Samer

London Voices, London Lives: Tales from a Working Capital – By Peter Hall

The Box: How Shipping Containers Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger – By Marc Levinson

Remaking Beijing: Tiananmen Square and the Creation of a Political Space – By Wu Hung

(Dis)Placing Empire: Renegotiating British Colonial Geographies – Edited by Lindsay J. Proudfoot and Michael M. Roche

The Post‐Socialist City: Urban Form and Space Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe after Socialism – Edited by Kiril Stanilov

Liquid City: Megalopolis and the Contemporary Northeast – By John Rennie Short

Space, the City and Social Theory – By Fran Tonkiss

Re‐thinking the Future of Work: Directions and Visions – By Colin C. Williams