Volume 34  Issue 2  June 2010


Planning and the Technological Society: Discussing the London Plan

The Importance of Being Connected. City Networks and Urban Government: Lyon and Eurocities (1990–2005)

The Cultural Production of Locality: Reclaiming the ‘European City’ in Post‐Wall Berlin

‘Weak‐Center’ Gentrification and the Contradictions of Containment: Deconcentrating Poverty in Downtown Los Angeles

Poverty Concentration and Determinants in China’s Urban Low‐income Neighbourhoods and Social Groups

The Evolving Law of Disputed Relocation: Constructing Inner‐City Renewal Practices in Shanghai, 1990–2005

Enabling Housing Cooperatives: Policy Lessons from Sweden, India and the United States

The Conversion of Social Capital into Community Development: an Intervention in Australia’s Outback

Memory, Uncertainty and Industrial Ruination: Walker Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne


Practising Urban and Regional Research beyond Metrocentricity

Building an image of Villages‐in‐the‐City: A Clarification of China’s Distinct Urban Spaces

Book Reviews

The Making of Global City Regions — Johannesburg, Mumbai/Bombay, São Paulo and Shanghai – Edited by Klaus Segbers

Taming the Disorderly City: The Spatial Landscape of Johannesburg After Apartheid – By Martin Murray

As Borders Bend: Transnational Spaces on the Pacific Rim – By Xiangming Chen

Building the New Jerusalem. Architecture, Housing and Politics 1900–1930 – By Mark Swenarton

Eurostars and Eurocities – By Adrian Favell

Cultural Landscapes of Post‐Socialist Cities: Representation of Powers and Needs – By Mariusz Czepczyński

Transforming Race and Class in Suburbia: Decline in Metropolitan Baltimore – By Thomas J. Vicino

Invested Interests: Capital, Culture, and the World Bank – By Bret Benjamin