Volume 35  Issue 2  March 2011


Slumdog Cities: Rethinking Subaltern Urbanism

Democracy on the Edge: Limits and Possibilities in the Implementation of an Urban Reform Agenda in Brazil

Social Mix Policies in Paris: Discourses, Policies and Social Effects

Community Governance, Critical Cosmopolitanism and Urban Change: Observations from Taipei, Taiwan

Neoliberalism and Nativism: Local Anti‐Immigrant Policy Activism and an Emerging Politics of Scale

Public Participation and Local Sustainability: Questioning a Common Agenda in Urban Governance

Gentrification by Ground Rent Dispossession: The Shadows Cast by Large‐Scale Urban Renewal in Santiago de Chile

Cluster Policies in Bulgaria: European Integration, Postsocialist Dynamics and Local Level Initiatives

‘City of sand’: Stately Re‐Imagination of Marina Beach in Chennai


Introduction to Urban Life Itself

Exploring the City: Perceiving Istanbul through its Cultural Productions

Shenzhen: City of Suspended Possibility

Towards a Phenomenology of Civil War: Hobbes Meets Benjamin in Beirut

LGBTQs in the City, Queering Urban Space

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From: Thoughts of Immigrants to Catalonia on Social Integration and Cultural Capital

The Bones of the Body Politic: Thoughts on the Savorgnan de Brazza Mausoleum

Spatial Collisions and Discordant Temporalities: Everyday Life between Camp and Checkpoint

Book Reviews

Johannesburg: The Elusive Metropolis – Edited by Sarah Nuttall and Achille Mbembe; Megacities: The Politics of Urban Exclusion and Violence in the Global South – Edited by Kees Koonings and Dirk Kruijt

At the Crossroads of Empires: Middlemen, Social Networks, and State‐Building in Republican Shanghai – Edited by Nara Dillon and Jean C. Oi

Toward the Healthy City: People, Places, and The Politics of Urban Planning – By Jason Corburn

Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy – By Hilary Wainwright

Social Justice and Neoliberalism: Global Perspectives – Edited by Adrian Smith, Alison Stenning and Katie Willis

Social Protest and Policy Change: Ecology, Antinuclear, and Peace Movements in Comparative Perspective – By Marco Giugni