Volume 35  Issue 6  November 2011


The Role of the Public Sector in the Provision of Housing Supply in Turkey, 1950–2009

Heritage Production and Urban Locational Policy in Lijiang, China

Production Systems and Innovation in ‘Satellite’ Regions: Lessons from a Comparison between Mechanic Valley (France) and Beauce (Québec)

‘New Worlds’ for ‘Old’? Twenty‐First‐Century Gateways and Corridors: Reflections on a European Spatial Perspective

‘How Can We Explain Diversity in Metropolitan Governance within a Country?’ Some Reflections on Recent Developments in Germany

Polycentricity, Commuting Pattern, Urban Form: The Case of Southern California

Knowledge‐Based Economy and Social Exclusion: Shadow and Light in the Roman Socio‐Economic Model

Journeys and Returns: Home, Life Narratives and Remapping Sexuality in a Regional City

Creative Individuals, Creative Places: Marc Jacobs, New York and Paris


From City to Metapolis: Making and Unmaking Landscapes in Andalusia

Globalization and Urban Economic Growth: Evidence for Bangalore, India