Volume 36  Issue 1  January 2012

Urban Worlds

Stretching Urban Renaissance: Privatizing Space, Civilizing Place, Summoning ‘Community’


Separate and Unequal: The Consumption of Public Education in Post‐Katrina New Orleans

Targeted Assistance and Social Capital: Housing Policy in Chile’s Neoliberal Democracy

Neoliberalization of the Developmental State: Tokyo’s Bottom‐Up Politics and State Rescaling in Japan

Neoliberal Experiments with Urban Infrastructure: The Cross City Tunnel, Sydney

The Changing Meaning of Community Space: Two Models of NGO Management of Community Gardens in New York City

The Encroachment of Value Pragmatism on Pluralism: The Practice of the Valuation of Urban Green Space Using Stated‐preference Approaches

When Life Itself is War: On the Urbanization of Military and Security Doctrine


Rethinking the Conceptual Foundations of Evolutionary Economic Geography: Introduction to a Debate

Path Dependence: A Political Economy Perspective

Beyond Lock‐in versus Evolution, towards Punctuated Co‐evolution: On Ron Martin’s ‘Rethinking Regional Path Dependence’

Options for Moving beyond the Canonical Model of Regional Path Dependence

(Re)Placing Path Dependence: A Response to the Debate

Book Reviews

In Search of Paradise: Middle‐Class Living in a Chinese Metropolis – By Li Zhang. Marginalization in Urban China: Comparative Perspectives – Edited by Fulong Wu and Chris Webster

Gated Communities in China: Class, Privilege and the Moral Politics of the Good Life – By Choon‐Piew Pow

Beyond Preservation: Using Public History to Revitalize Inner Cities – By Andrew Hurley

Contesting Community: The Limits and Potential of Local Organizing – By James DeFilippis, Robert Fisher and Eric Shragge

The Spaces of the Modern City: Imaginaries, Politics, and Everyday Life – Edited by Gyan Prakash and Kevin M. Kruse

Political Branding in Cities. The Decline of Machine Politics in Bogotá, Naples, and Chicago – By Eleonora Pasotti

How it Works: Recovering Citizens in Post‐Welfare Philadelphia – By Robert P. Fairbanks

Needed by Nobody. Homelessness and Humanness in Post‐Socialist Russia – By Tova Höjdestrand


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