Volume 36  Issue 4  July 2012


Mobilities and Mobilizations of the Urban Poor

Mobilizing to Stay Put: Housing Struggles in New York City

Urban Citizenship and Right to the City: The Fragmentation of Claims

Talkin’ ’bout the Ghetto: Popular Culture and Urban Imaginaries of Immobility

The Symbolic Dimension of Mobility: Architecture and Social Status in Ecuadorian Informal Settlements

Urban Poverty, Spatial Representation and Mobility: Touring a Slum in Mexico

Fixed in Mobility: Young Homeless People and the City

Moving from Great Love: Gendered Mobilities in a Post‐Tsunami Relocation Neighborhood in Aceh, Indonesia


Housing Finance Reform and Increasing Socioeconomic Segregation in Mexico

‘Troubled Assets’: The Financial Emergency and Racialized Risk

Shaky Palaces? Analyzing Property Values and their Appreciation in Minority First Suburbs

Revisiting the Ungovernability Debate: Regional Governance and Sprawl in the USA and UK

Border Wars: Tax Revenues, Annexation, and Urban Growth in Phoenix

Book Reviews

Streetlife: The Untold History of Europe’s Twentieth Century – By Leif Jerram; Women and the Everyday City: Public Space in San Francisco, 1890–1915 – By Jessica Ellen Sewell

Between the Social and the Spatial. Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of Poverty and Social Exclusion – Edited by Katrien De Boyser, Caroline Dewilde, Danielle Dierckx and Jürgen Friedrichs

The Just City – By Susan S. Fainstein

Making Competitive Cities – Edited by Sako Musterd and Alan Murie

Constructions of Neoliberal Reason – By Jamie Peck

Thinking Planning and Urbanism – By Beth Moore Milroy

Urban Foreign Policy and Domestic Dilemmas. Insights from Swiss and EU City‐Regions – By Nico van der Heiden

Building Globalization: Transnational Architecture Production in Urban China – By Xufei Ren