Volume 37  Issue 1  January 2013


Beyond Urban Subcultures: Urban Subversions as Rhizomatic Social Formations

The Logic of Urban Squatting

Insurgent Building: Emerging Spatial Politics in the Bedouin–State Conflict in Israel

When an NGO Takes on Public Participation: Preparing a Plan for a Neighborhood in East Jerusalem

‘Unity in Diversity’: Non‐sectarian Social Movement Challenges to the Politics of Ethnic Antagonism in Violently Divided Cities

Urban Citizenship, the Right to the City and Politics of Disability in Istanbul

Loïc Wacquant’s ‘Ghetto’ and Ethnic Minority Segregation in the UK: The Neglected Case of Gypsy‐Travellers

Citizen Participation in Urban Governance in the Context of Democratization: Evidence from Low‐Income Neighbourhoods in Mexico

From Farming to Development: Urban Coalitions in Pune, India

The Ideology of the Dual City: The Modernist Ethic in the Corporate Development of Makati City, Metro Manila

The Billboardization of Metro Manila

Heritage in the Dynamic City: The Politics and Practice of Urban Conservation on the Swahili Coast

Material Politics: Concrete Imaginations and the Architectural Definition of Urban Life in Le Corbusier’s Master Plan for Buenos Aires

Entropy by design: Gilles Clément, Parc Henri Matisse and the Limits to Avant‐garde Urbanism

Post‐Industrial Imaginaries: Nature, Representation and Ruin in Detroit, Michigan

Contesting Sustainability: ‘SMART Growth’ and the Redevelopment of Austin’s Eastside

Consent to Neoliberal Hegemony through Coercive Urban Environmental Governance

Atlantic Gardens in Mediterranean Climates: Understanding the Production of Suburban Natures in Barcelona

Book Reviews

The City as an Entertainment Machine – Edited by Terry Nichols Clark. Selling EthniCity: Urban Cultural Politics in the Americas – Edited by Olaf Kaltmeier. Cities and Fascination: Beyond the Surplus of Meaning – Edited by Heiko Schmid, Wolf‐Dietrich Sahr and John Urry

The Philadelphia Barrio: The Arts, Branding, and Neighborhood Transformation – By Frederick F. Wherry

Justice and the American Metropolis – Edited by Clarissa Rile Hayward and Todd Swanstrom

Paradise Plundered: Fiscal Crisis and Governance Failures in San Diego – By Steven P. Erie, Vladimir Kogan and Scott A. Mackenzie

The Creative Capital of Cities. Interactive Knowledge Creation and the Urbanization Economies of Innovation – By Stefan Krätke

Home Spaces, Street Styles: Contesting Power and Identity in a South African City – By Leslie J. Bank

Globalization and Third World Women: Exploitation, Coping and Resistance – Edited by Ligaya Lindio‐McGovern and Isidor Wallimann

Insurgencies: Essays in Planning Theory – By John Friedmann


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