Volume 37  Issue 3  May 2013


Recentering Southeast Asian Cities

Decentralizing Indonesian City Spaces as New ‘Centers’

The Cosmopolitan Grassroots City as Megaphone: Reconstructing Public Spaces through Urban Activism in Jakarta

Creative Mediations of the City: Contemporary Public Art as Compass of Metro Manila’s Urban Conditions

Infrastructure Development and the Repositioning of Power in Three Mekong Region Capital Cities


The City as Experiential Space: The Production of Shared Meaning

The Urban Question under Planetary Urbanization

The Vortex of Rights: ‘Right to the City’ at a Crossroads

Cities within the City: Do‐It‐Yourself Urbanism and the Right to the City

The Right to the City: Road to Rio 2010

Campus, City, Networks and Nation: Student‐Migrant Activism as Socio‐spatial Experience in Melbourne, Australia

Activists in the Making: Urban Movements, Political Processes and the Creation of Political Subjects

Beyond a Livable and Green Neighborhood: Asserting Control, Sovereignty and Transgression in the Casc Antic of Barcelona

Technifying Public Space and Publicizing Infrastructures: Exploring New Urban Political Ecologies through the Square of General Vara del Rey


Debate on Neoliberalism in and after the Neoliberal Crisis

Late Neoliberalism: The Financialization of Homeownership and Housing Rights

On Life as a Fictitious Commodity: Cities and the Biopolitics of Late Neoliberalism

‘Don’t Waste a Crisis’: Opening up the City Yet Again for Neoliberal Experimentation

Neoliberalism is Dead … Long Live Neoliberalism!

Neoliberal Urbanism Redux?

Book Reviews

Cities and Sovereignty: Identity Politics in Urban Space – Edited by Diane E. Davis and Nora Libertun de Duren

The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City – By Alan Ehrenhalt

The Wealth and Poverty of Regions: Why Cities Matter – By Mario Polèse

The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space – By Scott McQuire

African Cities: Alternative Visions of Urban Theory and Practice – By Garth Myers

Cape Town after Apartheid: Crime and Governance in the Divided City – By Tony R. Samara

The Ghetto: Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies – By Ray Hutchison and Bruce D. Haynes

White Flight/Black Flight: The Dynamics of Racial Change in an American Neighborhood – By Rachel A. Woldoff