Volume 37  Issue 6  November 2013


Reflections on the Academic and Economic Environment


Urban Responses to Climate Change: Theories and Governance Practice in Cities of the Global South

Cities and Climate Change Challenges: Institutions, Policy Style and Adaptation Capacity in Bogotá

Strategic Bundling of Development Policies with Adaptation: An Examination of Delhi’s Climate Change Action Plan

Climate Change Adaptive Capacity in Santiago de Chile: Creating a Governance Regime for Sustainability Planning


Maintaining Climate Change Experiments: Urban Political Ecology and the Everyday Reconfiguration of Urban Infrastructure

Thermal Eco‐cities: Green Building and Urban Thermal Metabolism

Are Trees Always ‘Good’? Urban Political Ecology and Environmental Justice in the Valleys of South Wales

Complexity and Uncertainty: Problem or Asset in Decision Making of Mega Infrastructure Projects?

Climate Change and Reorganizing Land Use: Flood Control Areas as a Network Effect

In Search of Symbolic Markers: Transforming the Urbanized Landscape of the Rotterdam Rijnmond

Variations of the Entrepreneurial City: Goals, roles and visions in Rotterdam’s Kop van Zuid and the Glasgow Harbour Megaprojects

The Sustainability of a Financialized Urban Megaproject: The Case of Sihlcity in Zurich

When the Games Come to Town: Neoliberalism, Mega‐Events and Social Inclusion in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Identification and Estimation of Club Convergence Models with Spatial Dependence

The Capitalization of Public Services and Amenities into Land Prices — Empirical Evidence from German Communities

Gated Communities and House Prices: Suburban Change in Southern California, 1980–2008

Between the Individual and the Community: Residential Patterns of the Haredi Population in Jerusalem

Spatial Analyses of the Urban Village Development Process in Shenzhen, China

Different Manifestations of the Concept of Empowerment: The Politics of Urban Renewal in the United States and the United Kingdom

Participatory Democracy, Decentralization and Local Governance: the Montreal Participatory Budget in the light of ‘Empowered Participatory Governance’

Book Reviews

Moving to Opportunity: The Story of an American Experiment to Fight Ghetto Poverty – By Xavier de Souza Briggs, Susan J. Popkin and Jon Goering; Good Places to Live: Poverty and Public Housing in Canada – By Jim Silver

Why Don’t American Cities Burn? – By Michael Katz

Venice: A Contested Bohemia in Los Angeles – By Andrew Deener

Locating Migration. Rescaling Cities and Migrants – Edited by Nina Glick Schiller and Ayşe Cağlar

City and Soul in Divided Societies – By Scott A. Bollens

Roots of the State: Neighborhood Organization and Social Networks in Beijing and Taipei – By Benjamin L. Read