Volume 40  Issue 1  January 2016


Economic Rationality Meets Celebrity Urbanology: Exploring Edward Glaeser’s City

‘Asset Price Urbanism’ and Financialization after the Crisis: Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency

Financializing Desalination: Rethinking the Returns of Big Infrastructure

World Cities and the Uneven Geographies of Financialization: Unveiling Stratification and Hierarchy in the World City Archipelago

Animating the Urban Vortex: New Sociological Urgencies

Spaces of Extraction, Metropolitan Explosions: Planetary Urbanization and the Commodity Boom in Latin America

Accounts from behind the Curtain: History and Geography in the Critical Analysis of Urban Theory

Strategies for Comparative Urbanism: Post-socialism as a De-territorialized Concept


Social Sciences and Urban Studies: Goodbye to Paradigms?

A Limitless Urban Theory? A Response to Scott and Storper’s ‘The Nature of Cities: The Scope and Limits of Urban Theory’

Why Cities? A Response

Global Urbanisms and the Nature of Urban Theory

Comparative Urbanism: New Geographies and Cultures of Theorizing the Urban

Who’s Afraid of Postcolonial Theory?

It’s Just the City after All!

The Twenty-First-Century Quest for Feminism and the Global Urban

Provincializing Critical Urban Theory: Extending the Ecosystem of Possibilities

Translational Global Praxis: Rethinking Methods and Modes of African Urban Research

Book Reviews

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