Volume 40  Issue 3  May 2016


Entrepreneurial Religion in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism

Building, Marketing and Living in an Islamic Gated Community: Novel Configurations of Class and Religion in Istanbul

Building God’s City: The Political Economy of Prayer Camps in Nigeria

The Born-Again Favela: The Urban Informality of Pentecostalism in Rio de Janeiro


Trump in Scotland: A Study of Power-Topologies and Golf Topographies

Modernist Ideas and Local Reception: The Company Towns of Piazzola sul Brenta and Borgonyà, 1895–1930

Unseeing Chinatown: Universal Zoning, Planning Abstraction and Space of Difference

‘Post-Third-World City’ or Neoliberal ‘City of Exception’? Rio de Janeiro in the Olympic Era

Planning in Turbulent Times: Exploring Planners’ Agency in Jerusalem

Recentralization as an Alternative to Urban Dispersion: Transformative Planning in a Neoliberal Societal Context

Beyond the Urban–Suburban Divide: Urbanization and the Production of the Urban in Zurich North

Book Reviews

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Edward Chell 2013: Soft Estate. Liverpool: The Bluecoat

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Christine Hentschel 2015: Security in the Bubble: Navigating Crime in Urban South Africa. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press