Resisting the ‘Long-Arm’ of the State? Spheres of Capture and Opportunities for Autonomy in Community Governance

Engineering Cities: Mediating Materialities, Infrastructural Imaginaries and Shifting Regimes of Urban Expertise

Urban Infrastructure, Imagination and Politics: from the Networked Metropolis to the Smart City

The Engineer and The Plumber: Mediating Mumbai’s Conflicting Infrastructural Imaginaries

Engineering Formality: Flyover and Skywalk Construction in Mumbai

Conduct of Conduits: Engineering, Desire and Government through the Enclosure and Exposure of Urban Water

Politics of The Ring: Limits to Public Participation in Engineering Practice

Three Metals and the ‘Post-Socialist City’: Reclaiming the Peripheries of Urban Knowledge

Introduction to a Virtual Issue on Comparative Urbanism

Introduction to a Virtual Issue on Dutch Cities