Privacy statement
This statement outlines who we are and how we collect, use and share the information of IJURR authors, book reviewers and referees, and scholars applying for grants and activities organized by the IJURR Foundation.

Who we are
Urban Research Publications Ltd is a company registered in the UK which owns the title to the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), enters into copyright agreements with authors and book reviewers, and licences a publisher to publish the journal. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IJURR Foundation, a charity whose primary source of income is generated by IJURR, and whose aims are to promote and improve social scientific research, education and scholarship in the field of urban, rural and regional studies (see the IJURR Foundation webpages for the charity’s origin and aims, and details of its activities).

How we collect, use and share your information
We take the privacy of your information seriously.

When applying for studentships, writing-up grants, IJURR and RC21 Summer/Winter School places, and other activities and awards, the information you provide to the IJURR Foundation will be used by the Foundation’s Trustees and Company Secretary/Administrator (or appointed members of the joint IJURR/RC21 boards in the case of the Summer/Winter School) for the purposes of communicating with you about your case, assessment of your application (including correspondence with external referees), and annual reports to the board of trustees and the IJURR editorial board. We may also collect information from publicly accessible departmental/institutional websites. In addition to this use of personal and public data the Foundation publishes the names, nationality and, where appropriate, institutional affiliations of past and present recipients of awards and prizes together with the title and abstract of their work on the relevant pages of the society’s website. A detailed data privacy statement, including conditions pertaining to studentships and writing-up awards may be viewed and downloaded here.

When submitting an application for an IJURR Foundation award or activity you will be asked to read and acknowledge this privacy notice.

The information you provide to IJURR through Clarivate Analytics’ ScholarOne Manuscripts site as an author and/or referee (including name, email address, position and department/institution address, research interests and author/referee activity) will be used by IJURR’s Editors for the purpose of reviewing and publishing manuscripts in the journal. We may also collect information from publicly accessible departmental and institutional websites. IJURR has a policy of blind peer review and, in the spirit of transparency, knowledge sharing, and investment in IJURR’s review process, anonymized decision letters incorporating referee reports are circulated to the reviewers of a manuscript (see the testimonial webpage for commentary on this practice).

IJURR’s Editorial Office, Editors and the IJURR Foundation’s Company Secretary/Administrator and Trustees will use your personal information in the following ways:

  • IJURR Foundation applicants’ data will be used to enable them to be contacted by the Company Secretary/Administrator and Trustees and to enable the Trustees to assess and process their application;
  • Authors’ data will be used to enable them to be contacted by IJURR’s Editorial Office and Editors and to enable the Editors to make a decision on their manuscript. It may also be used by IJURR’s copy editors and translators for communication with authors in the event of queries arising and clarification needed.
  • Referees’ data will be used to enable them to be contacted by IJURR’s Editorial Office and to enable the Editors to assign manuscripts to them for review.
  • Book reviewers’ data will be used to enable the Reviews Editor and Editorial Assistant to communicate with reviewers over progress of their reviews, and to enable the IJURR Editorial Office to contact them regarding publication of their reviews.

Your information will not be shared with third parties other than our publisher, John Wiley & Sons Limited, and the journal’s professional copy editors and translators (who may reside outside Europe). Your information will not be used by IJURR or the IJURR Foundation for marketing or advertising purposes. Submission records and audit trails will be stored indefinitely for archive purposes, statistical analysis of processes and outcomes, and matters of policy or redress. Requests for information about or amendments to personal data by users should be addressed to IJURR’s Editorial Office or the IJURR Foundation’s Company Secretary and Administrator. One exception to this usage falls under IJURR’s disciplinary procedure in the event of misconduct, which submitting authors are required to read and agree to.

We have measures in place to ensure that your personal information is secure at all times. All author and referee accounts on ScholarOne are password protected and can be edited only by you, IJURR’s Editorial Office and Clarivate Analytics. Computer passwords, regular system updates and firewall protections controlled by the IJURR Editorial Office and the Foundation’s Administrator ensure high standards of security with respect to email addresses and communications, and archiving of policy related records.

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This privacy policy will be reviewed periodically. Any changes will be posted on this page and will become effective on that date. We encourage you to review this page for significant changes from time to time.

This policy was last updated on 24 May 2018.

The full PDF of this statement can be found here.