The IJURR Symposium section presents collections of articles around a specific theme. With the aim of bringing fresh perspectives and insights to urban and regional debates, symposia comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of five articles, allowing for an in-depth and comparative exploration of an important urban theme or concept.

Recently Published (Volume 43.2)

Futures of Crisis, Futures of Urban Political Theory: Flooding in Asian Coastal Megacities
Gavin Shatkin

Evicting Slums, ‘Building Back Better’: Resiliency Revanchism and Disaster Risk Management in Manila
Maria Khristine Alvarez & Kenneth Cardenas

Urban Waterscapes: The Hydro‐Politics of Flooding in a Sinking City
Kian Goh

Resilient Growth: Fantasy Plans and Unplanned Developments in India’s Flood‐Prone Coastal Cities
Liza Weinstein, Andrew Rumbach & Saumitra Sinha


Published Symposia [A-Z]

Branding, the Entertainment Economy and Urban Place Building (Vol 27:2)

Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and the Politics of the Local (Vol 38:1)

Deliberative Democracy and Local Governance: Towards a New Agenda (Vol 30:3)

Engineering Cities (Vol 42.2)

Entrepreneurial Religion in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism (Vol 40.3)

Financialization of Housing (Vol 41.4)

Globalization and Cities in Comparative Perspective (Vol 29:1)

Justice, Nature and the City (Vol 33:3)

Land Development, Inequality and Urban Villages in China (Vol 33:4)

Local Governance and Participation under Neoliberalism: Comparative Perspectives (Vol 34:1)

Local Politics and the Circulation of Community Security Initiatives in Johannesburg (Vol 36:5)

Mobilities and Mobilizations of the Urban Poor (Vol 36:4)

Participation in Urban Contention and Deliberation (Vol 34:3)

Planning Histories and Practices of Circulating Urban Knowledge (Vol 37:5)

Plural Governance, Participation and Democracy in Cities (Vol 32:1)

Political Infrastructures: Governing and Experiencing the Fabric of the City (Vol 32:2)

Power Relations and Social Mix in Metropolitan Neighbourhoods in North America and Europe: Moving Beyond Gentrification? (Vol 38:4)

Privatization Bolivian style: a cautionary tale (Vol 23:3)

Recentering Southeast Asian Cities (Vol 37:3)

Scales of Neoliberalism (Vol 28:4)

Spaces of Modernity: Religion and the Urban in Asia and Africa (Vol 32:3)

Spatial Spillovers Revisited (Vol 41.6)

State Rescaling in Non‐Western Contexts (Vol 37:4)

The New Mega‐Projects: Genesis and Impacts (Vol 32:4)

Theorizing the Politicizing City (Vol 41.1)

The Transformation of Urban Political Leadership in Western Europe (Vol 28.1)

The Sociology and Geography of Mortgage Markets: Reflections on the Financial Crisis (Vol 33:2)

Urban Citizenship and Right to the City (Vol 39.4)

Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities (Vol 38:2)

Urban Movements (Vol 27.1)

Urban Responses to Climate Change: Theories and Governance Practice in Cities of the Global South (Vol 37:6)

Urban shrinkage in Germany and the USA: A Comparison of Transformation Patterns and Local Strategies (Vol 36:2)

Urban Terror (Vol 27:3)

Where is Urban Politics? (Vol 38:5)