Current affairs – elections, public controversies, violent conflicts, disasters – often have a strong urban dimension. IJURR and our accompanying book series offer lengthier reflections on urban life, published along academic timelines. This new web feature offers a space for similarly critical and reflective, yet more immediate responses to a range of pressing urban affairs. Where possible, we link these brief essays on “The Urban Now” to previously published articles on related topics and themes.

We welcome suggestions for new contributions to the IJURR web content producer.

137/366 Iconic view of Melbourne from Green Point: imageo (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Australian Housing Opportunities During and After the Pandemic: Transitioning to Better Housing Futures

by Wendy Stone et al. 

Pandemic Rituals and Compliant Urban Neighbours: Middle-class Politics in Bangalore

by Dyotana Banerjee

After the Lockdown: Towards an Urban Politics of Care or Back to Evictions as Usual?

by Eduardo Ascensão and Nuno Rodrigues

Preparing Cities for Epidemics: Lessons from the COVID19 Outbreak

by Ming Hang

The Quarantine of a Megacity: China’s Struggle Over the Coronavirus Epidemic

by Xuefei Ren

Resisting Hindu-National Laws in India

by Goutham Raj Konda

The Yellow Vests in France: A Few Snapshots

by Stefan Kipfer

Chaotic Notes on the Recent Brazilian Presidential Election

by Raquel Rolnik

Streets and Social Media: An Urban Genealogy of the Politics of Aesthetics in Brazil’s 2018 Presidential Election

by Carly Machado

Eviction and Displacement from the Neighbourhood of Douar Wasti in Casablanca, Morocco

by Stefano Portelli and Loretta Lees