The Interventions section of IJURR presents shorter, sometimes contentious papers on recent developments in the field — policy, practice and theory — and occasional coverage of truly groundbreaking convocations, mobilizations and reports. This section aims to create a space for provocation, critical reflection, heuristic propositions and initial reports on the use of new methodologies. It also features debates centered on articles published in this journal that have prompted controversy, conceptual breakthroughs and strong opinion among IJURR’s readership.

Volume 42.1: Bourdieu Comes to Town

The ‘ecological architecture’ of the public housing projects of Ivry-sur-Seine, southeast of Paris, designed in the 1970s by Jean Renaudie et Renée Gailhoustet (photo © Loïc Wacquant)

Bourdieu Comes to Town: Pertinence, Principles, Applications
Loïc Wacquant

Social Space and the Genesis of Appropriated Physical Space
Pierre Bourdieu

Social Power and Power Over Space: How the Bourgeoisie Reproduces itself in the City
Monique Pinçon-Charlot and Michel Pinçon

Urban Distinctions: Class, Culture and Sociability in the City of Porto
Virgílio Borges Pereira

Emerging Cultural Capital in the City: Profiling London and Brussels
Mike Savage, Laurie Hanquinet, Niall Cunningham and Johs Hjellbrekke

Categorizing Neighborhoods: The Invention of ‘Sensitive Areas’ in France and ‘Historic Districts’ in the United States
Sylvie Tissot

Heavy is the House: Rent Burden among the American Urban Poor
Matthew Desmond


Previously published interventions

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Urban Marginality, Citizenship, and Class

Cities and regions

Politics, movements, and culture

Urban Political Economy: Capital, Production, and Crisis

Housing, Segregation, and Space

Urban Infrastructure, Networks, and Matter