• New Spotlight On Language and the City

    Spotlight On Languages and the City explores the intersections of language and urban politics.
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  • The Urban Now - The Yellow Vests in France: A Few Snapshots

    Stefen Kipfer offers a few preliminary observations about the ongoing Yellow Vests revolt
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  • Spotlight On Parched Cities, Parched Citizens

    For this Spotlight On web series, we invited scholars to focus on the socio-political causes, contexts, and consequences of water scarcity in cities around the world.
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  • Southern Cities in the United States: Cracking the Black Box

    The new Virtual Issue compiled in conjunction with the 2018 AAG in New Orleans is now free to view for one year
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On the road to Khayelitsha’s Department of Coffee for an interview with an Uber driver, Cape Town, 2015 (photo © Andrea Pollio)

People clearing rubble after the second world war destruction of Warsaw, 1945 (photo © Poland’s National Digital Archive, Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe)

‘Goodbye Mordor’ advertising campaign, Warsaw, 2016 (photo © Michael Dembinski, reproduced with permission)