• Virtual Issue: Imperialism, Nature, Property

    Inspired by the upcoming 2024 AAG IJURR Lecture, IJURR’s Editorial Collective has assembled this virtual issue on Imperialism, Nature & Property.
    This Virtual Issue is free-to-view here

  • Spotlight On Animals and the City

    Six essays exploring a range of multispecies encounters & relationships
    Read the open access essays, plus four IJURR articles free-to-view for 3 months

  • Best Article Prize

    We have selected the 2023 IJURR Best Article prizewinner 'BLOCOS URBANISM: Capitalism and Modularity in the Making of Contemporary Luanda' by Ricardo Cardoso, Jia-Ching Chen & Henrik Ernstson
    Read all the highly commended papers here

  • Virtual Issue on Palestine and Israel

    The IJURR collective is deeply moved by the scale of the suffering from violence & injustice in Palestine/Israel. In solidarity with scholars who have used their work to unravel the root causes of this violence a collection of their articles published in IJURR over the past decade are free to read for 3 months.
    Read them here


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One of three security gates forming an enclave in the neighbourhood of Onike, Lagos. The gate is painted in the distinctive colour of the Pentecostal church MFM (Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries), reflecting the church’s significant influence on the local urban landscape, infrastructure and everyday governance (photo by David Garbin, November 2022)


Section 17 of the South African Constitution guarantees a right to housing; this banner quotes that right and is on display in Cassie Gool House in Woodstock, a suburb of Cape Town (photo by Amanda Tattersall, June 2018)

A clothing store that sells fake branded clothes illustrates one of many forms of entrepreneurship present in the peripheries of São Paulo (photo by Leonardo Fontes taken in Ângela Jardim, São Paulo, September 2015)