• Spotlight on the Disabling City

    Four essays reflect critically on the social, spatial, cultural, political and/or economic processes through which cities and disabilities are co-constituted
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    Further to our previous statement, we will now be resuming editorial activities.
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  • The Urban Now

    Preparing cities for epidemics: Lessons from the COVID19 outbreak
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  • The Urban Now

    The Quarantine of a Megacity: China’s Struggle Over the Coronavirus Epidemic
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The Journée Khassida, a key event that shines light on the growing, proud presence of Senegalese in Brazil, showing the Niemeyer Popular Theatre in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro and groups of Senegalese and passers-by (details from a photo © Tilmann Heil, 11 August 2018)

Detail from a map showing housing composition in Changning district of Shanghai (map © Honghuan Gu, John R. Logan and Ruijun Wu)

Human settlements established through land trafficking on the peripheral slopes of Lima (detail from a photo © Rita Lambert, 2016)