• Spotlight On Political Geographies of Right Wing Populism

    This collection of Spotlight On essays examines the emergent political geographies of right-wing populism and considers the possibilities for resistance and anti-authoritarian counter-movements.

  • New Spotlight On Language and the City

    Spotlight On Languages and the City explores the intersections of language and urban politics.
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  • The Urban Now - The Yellow Vests in France: A Few Snapshots

    Stefan Kipfer offers a few preliminary observations about the ongoing Yellow Vests revolt
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Detail from Hanging out at London’s South Bank (photo © Jack Layton, August 2016)

Detail from Nights in Jakarta’s periphery—densities in the hinterlands; migrant housing in Cikarang (photo © Miya Irawati, reproduced with permission)

Detail from an Annual on-site commemoration of the victims of an arson attack in central Sivas (photo © Eray Çaylı, 2 July 2012)