Aims and Scope

A groundbreaking forum for intellectual debate, IJURR is at the forefront of urban and regional research. With a cutting edge approach to linking theoretical development and empirical research, and a consistent demand for quality, IJURR encompasses key material from an unparalleled range of critical, comparative and geographic perspectives. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach to the field, IJURR is essential reading for social scientists with a concern for the complex, changing roles and futures of cities and regions.


The journal publishes articles that make an original and critical contribution of a theoretical, or a more empirical nature, to urban and regional research. The journal will not discriminate between qualitative and quantitative analyses, insofar as the article engages adequately with the literature in the relevant field, but also with the broader interdisciplinary field of scholarship promoted by IJURR.


The Interventions section of IJURR presents shorter, sometimes contentious papers on recent developments in the field — policy, practice and theory — and occasional coverage of truly groundbreaking convocations, mobilizations and reports. This section aims to create a space for provocation, critical reflection, heuristic propositions and initial reports on the use of new methodologies. It also features debates centered on articles published in this journal that have prompted controversy, conceptual breakthroughs and strong opinion among IJURR’s readership.


An IJURR symposium is expected to present a coherent and well-grounded (both empirically and conceptually) collection of articles. With the aim of bringing fresh perspectives and insights to urban and regional debates, symposia comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of five articles, allowing for an in-depth and comparative exploration of an important urban theme or concept. A symposium proposal must be submitted in the first instance for consideration by the editors. Symposium proposals will be considered only if they adhere to the symposium proposal guidelines, available here. As there is an annual deadline for submission, symposium editors are also asked to consult the symposium competition guidelines before submitting their proposal.

Book Reviews

Reviews should situate the book in its wider context of relevance, summarize the main arguments and finally address the reviewer’s own commentary. Individual book reviews should ideally consist of 800-1000 words, though for multiple books this is lengthened to 1500. Please note reviews may be edited for length by the Review Editor.

All books for review and suggestions for reviews should be sent to:

Matthias Bernt
Book Reviews Editor
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space
Flakenstrasse 29-31
15537 Erkner