The Interventions section of IJURR presents shorter, sometimes contentious papers on recent developments in the field — policy, practice and theory — and occasional coverage of truly groundbreaking convocations, mobilizations and reports. This section aims to create a space for provocation, critical reflection, heuristic propositions and initial reports on the use of new methodologies. It also features debates centered on articles published in this journal that have prompted controversy, conceptual breakthroughs and strong opinion among IJURR’s readership.

Volume 40.3: Contextual Urban Theory and The ‘Appeal’ of Gentrification

Preface to an Interventions Forum on Contextual Urban Theory and The ‘Appeal’ of Gentrification
Carolyn Cartier

Contextual Urban Theory and the ‘Appeal’ of Gentrification: Lost in Transposition?
Carolyn Cartier

Beneath the Appearance of Gentrification: Probing Local Complexities
Tai-Lok Lui

Beyond Gentrification: Hegemonic Redevelopment in Hong Kong
Wing-Shing Tang

Institutionalization of ‘The Property Mind’
Anne Haila

Gentrifying China’s Urbanization? Why Culture and Capital Aren’t Enough
Luigi Tomba

Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Gentrification: The Erasure of Alternative Idioms of Displacement Resulting from Anglo-American Academic Hegemony
Alan Smart and Josephine Smart

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