Current Issue  Volume 42  Issue 5  September 2018


San Francisco Through Bogotá’s Eyes: Leveraging Urban Policy Change Through the Circulation of Media Objects

Machinic Assemblages of Publicness

Assemblages of Urban Leisure Culture in Inner‐City Bucharest

Weeds, Pheasants and Wild Dogs: Resituating the Ecological Paradigm in Postindustrial Detroit

Producing Localized Commodity Frontiers at the End of Cheap Nature: An Analysis of Eco‐scalar Carbon Fixes and their Consequences

Low‐Carbon Gentrification: When Climate Change Encounters Residential Displacement

Linear Parks and the Political Ecologies of Permeability: Environmental displacement in São Paulo, Brazil

Coastal Urban Planning in The ‘Green Republic’: Tourism Development and the Nature–Infrastructure Paradox in Costa Rica

Governing ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ Through Self‐Build Groups and Co‐Housing: The Cases of Hamburg and Gothenburg

Metropolitan Strategies and Climate Governance: Towards New Evaluative Approaches

Book Reviews

Robert A. Beauregard 2018: Cities in the Urban Age: A Dissent. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Willem Salet 2018: Public Norms and Aspirations: The Turn to Institutions in Action. New York and London: Routledge–RTPI Library Series

Andrea Fischer‐Tahir and Sophie Wagenhofer (eds.) 2017: Disciplinary Spaces: Spatial Control, Forced Assimilation and Narratives of Progress since the 19th Century. Bielefeld: Transcript

Leslie Sklair 2017: The Icon Project: Architecture, Cities and Capitalist Globalization. New York: Oxford University Press

Marc Pares, Sonia M. Ospina and Joan Subirats 2017: Social Innovation and Democratic Leadership: Communities and Social Change from Below. Cheltenham and Northampton: Edward Elgar

Dallas Rogers 2017: The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property, Capital and Rights. London and New York: Rowman & Littlefield

Jesse Goldstein 2018: Planetary Improvement: Cleantech Entrepreneurship and the Contradictions of Green Capitalism. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press

Richard Walkers 2018: Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oakland, CA: PM Press