The IJURR Symposium section presents collections of articles around a specific theme. With the aim of bringing fresh perspectives and insights to urban and regional debates, symposia comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of five articles, allowing for an in-depth and comparative exploration of an important urban theme or concept.

Volume 40.3 May 2016

Entrepreneurial Religion in the Age of Neoliberal Urbanism
Stephan Lanz and Martijn Oosterbaan

Building, Marketing and Living in an Islamic Gated Community: Novel Configurations of Class and Religion in Istanbul
Ayşe Çavdar

Building God’s City: The Political Economy of Prayer Camps in Nigeria
Asonzeh Ukah

The Born-Again Favela: The Urban Informality of Pentecostalism in Rio de Janeiro
Stephan Lanz


Published Symposia [A-Z]

Branding, the Entertainment Economy and Urban Place Building (Vol 27:2)

Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and the Politics of the Local (Vol 38:1)

Deliberative Democracy and Local Governance: Towards a New Agenda (Vol 30:3)

Globalization and Cities in Comparative Perspective (Vol 29:1)

Justice, Nature and the City (Vol 33:3)

Land Development, Inequality and Urban Villages in China (Vol 33:4)

Local Governance and Participation under Neoliberalism: Comparative Perspectives (Vol 34:1)

Local Politics and the Circulation of Community Security Initiatives in Johannesburg (Vol 36:5)

Mobilities and Mobilizations of the Urban Poor (Vol 36:4)

Participation in Urban Contention and Deliberation (Vol 34:3)

Planning Histories and Practices of Circulating Urban Knowledge (Vol 37:5)

Plural Governance, Participation and Democracy in Cities (Vol 32:1)

Political Infrastructures: Governing and Experiencing the Fabric of the City (Vol 32:2)

Power Relations and Social Mix in Metropolitan Neighbourhoods in North America and Europe: Moving Beyond Gentrification? (Vol 38:4)

Privatization Bolivian style: a cautionary tale (Vol 23:3)

Recentering Southeast Asian Cities (Vol 37:3)

Scales of Neoliberalism (Vol 28:4)

Spaces of Modernity: Religion and the Urban in Asia and Africa (Vol 32:3)

State Rescaling in Non‐Western Contexts (Vol 37:4)

The New Mega‐Projects: Genesis and Impacts (Vol 32:4)

The Transformation of Urban Political Leadership in Western Europe (Vol 28.1)

The Sociology and Geography of Mortgage Markets: Reflections on the Financial Crisis (Vol 33:2)

Urban Citizenship and Right to the City (Vol 39.4)

Urban Laboratories: Experiments in Reworking Cities (Vol 38:2)

Urban Movements (Vol 27.1)

Urban Responses to Climate Change: Theories and Governance Practice in Cities of the Global South (Vol 37:6)

Urban shrinkage in Germany and the USA: A Comparison of Transformation Patterns and Local Strategies (Vol 36:2)

Urban Terror (Vol 27:3)

Where is Urban Politics? (Vol 38:5)