A propos de la socialisation du travail domestique: l’analyse d’un village de vacances


Starting with the claim for ‘collective equipment’ put forward by certain groups of the women’s liberation movement, the author studies the case of a holiday village, in so far as it is a point of socialization of domestic tasks under the ægis of organizations for social tourism, in a situation where it reproduces the particular labour force constituted by holidays with pay. The first part shows the production process of the collective equipment of a holiday village, in a plan for the urbanization of the Languedoc and Roussillon coastline, and the contradictions which arise from the respective strategies of the central state and of organizations of the workers’ movement. More precisely, the solution to these contradictions situates the holiday village in a commodity logic. The second part exemplifies cases where domestic work hides the true nature of the man‐woman relation. One must therefore rediscover and reveal it. It will then be possible to question a production process organized around the sexual division and depreciation of women’s role.