Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Governa, Francesca, The Urban Milieu. Territorial Identity in Development Processes

Leyshon, Andrew and Nigel Thrift, Money/Space: Geographies of Monetary Transformation

Carr, Leslie G., ‘Color‐blind’ Racism

Noin, Daniel and Paul White, Paris

Madanipour, Ali, Design of Urban Space: An Inquiry into a Socio‐spatial Process

Gugler, Josef (ed.), Cities in the Developing World: Issues, Theory and Policy

Yeung, Yue‐man and D. K. Y. Chu (eds.), Guangdong: Survey of a province undergoing Rapid Change

Healey, Patsy, Abdul Khakee, Alain Motte and Barrie Needham, Making Strategic Spatial Plans. Innovation in Europe