Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

H. Barton, (ed.) Sustainable communities: the potential for eco‐neighbourhoods

J.A. Elliot, An introduction to sustainable development

M. Kenny, and J. Meadowcroft, Planning sustainability

D. Satterthwaite, The Earthscan reader in sustainable cities

Doreen Massey, John Allen and Steve Pile, (eds.) City worlds

Steve Pile, Christopher Brook and Gerry Mooney (eds.) Unruly cities?: order/disorder

John Allen, Doreen Massey and Michael Pryke (eds.) Unsettling cities: movement/settlement

Klaus Ronneberger, Stephen Lanz and Walther Jahn Die Stadt als Beute

Michael Edwards, Future positive: international co‐operation in the 21st century

Nicole May, Pierre Veltz, José Landrieu and Thérèse Spector, (eds.) La ville éclatée

Ivan Szelenyi, (ed.) Privatizing the land. Rural political economy in post‐communist societies

Yue‐man Yeung, (ed.) Urban development in Asia: retrospect and prospect

Andrew Herod, Gearoid O Tuathail and Susan Roberts, (eds.) An unruly world? Globalization, governance and geography

Peter Ennals, and Deryck W. Holdsworth, Homeplace. The making of the Canadian dwelling over three centuries

Anastasia Loukaitou‐Sideris, and Tridib Banerjee, Urban design downtown: poetics and politics of form

Cecile Jackson, and Ruth Pearson, (eds.) Feminist visions of development: gender analysis and policy