Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Bernard Jouve and Christian Lefèvre, (eds.) Villes, métropoles. Les nouveaux territoires du politique

Sheridan Bartlett, Roger Hart, David Satterthwaite, Ximena de la Barra and Alfredo Missair, Cities for children: children’s rights, poverty and urban management

Daniel J. Monti Jr., The American city: a social & cultural history

Andrew E.G. Jonas and David Wilson, (eds.) The urban growth machine: critical perspectives two decades later

Dieter Dettke, (ed.) The challenges of globalization for Germany’s social democracy: a political agenda for the 21st century

Gösta Esping‐Andersen, Social foundations of postindustrial economies

Michael Mortimore and William M. Adams Working the Sahel: environment and society in northern Nigeria>

Stefan Hedlund, Russia’s ‘market’ economy. A bad case of predatory capitalism

Alexander Reichl, Reconstructing Times Square: politics and culture in urban development

David Byrne, Social exclusion

OECD, The response of higher education institutions to regional needs

Felix Driver and David Gilbert, (eds.) Imperial cities: landscape, display and identity