Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Abu‐Lughod, Janet, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles: America’s global cities

Bascom, Jonathan, Losing place: refugees, populations and rural transformations in East Africa

Crawford, J.H., Carfree cities

Dunn Jr., James A., Driving forces: the automobile, its enemies, and the politics of mobility

Hill, Dilys M., Urban policy and politics in Britain

Beauregard, Robert A. and Sophie Body‐Gendrot, (eds.) The urban moment: cosmopolitan essays on the late‐20th‐century city

Sardar, Ziauddin, The consumption of Kuala Lumpar

Caldeira, Teresa P.R., City of walls: crime, segregation, and citizenship in São Paulo

Freeman, Carla, High tech and high heels in the global economy

Judd, Dennis R. and Susan S. Fainstein, (eds.) The tourist city

Proctor, James D. and David M. Smith, (eds.) Geography and ethics: journeys in a moral terrain