Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Hugh Atkinson and Stuart Wilks‐Heeg Local government from Thatcher to Blair: the politics of creative autonomy

Alistair Cole and Peter John Local governance in England and France

Gertjan Dijkink and Hans Knippenberg (eds.) The territorial factor: political geography in a globalising world

André Donzel Marseille: l’expérience de la cité

John Dunning (ed.) Regions, globalization, and the knowledge based economy

Jonathan Glancey Bread and circuses

Brian Richards Future transport in cities

Marco Buti, Daniele Franco and Lucio R. Pench (eds.) The welfare state in Europe: challenges and reforms

Kenneth Kolson Big plans: the allure and folly of urban design

Sako Musterd and Willem Salet (eds.) Amsterdam human capital

Martin Kronauer Exklusion: Die Gefährdung des Sozialen im hochentwickelten Kapitalismus