Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Agnew, J. 1987: Place and politics: the geographical mediation of state and society.

Djaiet, H. 1986: Al Kufa: naissance de la ville islamique.

Gilbert, A. and Healey, P. 1985: The political economy of land: urban development in an oil economy.

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Harris, C.C. 1987: Redundancy and recession in South Wales.

Hirsch, J. and Roth, R. 1986: Das neue Gesicht des Kapitalismus: Vom Fordismus zum Post‐Fordismus.

Manners, G. and Morris, D. 1986: Office policy in Britain: a review.

Martins, M.R. 1986: An organizational approach to regional planning.

Slater, D. editor, 1985: New social movements and the state in Latin America.

Watson, S. with Austerberry, H. 1986: Housing and homelessness: a feminist perspective.

Whittington, D. editor, 1985: High hopes for high tech: micro‐electronic policy in North Carolina.