Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Breheny, M., editor, 1988: Defence expenditure and regional development.

Cowlishaw, G. K. 1988: Black, white or brindle: race in rural Australia.

Friedrichs, J., editor, 1988: Affordable housing and the homeless.

Goss, S. 1988: Local labour and local government: a study of changing interests, politics and policy in Southwark from 1919 to 1982.

Marshall, M. 1987: Long waves of regional development.

Rex, J. 1988: The ghetto and the underclass: essays on race and social policy.

Sassen, S. 1988: The mobility of labor and capital: a study in international investment and labor flow.

Ward, S.V. 1988: The geography of interwar Britain: the state and uneven development.