Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Bhaskar, R. 1989: Reclaiming reality: a critical introduction to contemporary philosophy.

Bodenschatz, H. 1987: Platz frei für das neue Berlin.

Breheney, M. and Congdon, P., editors, 1989: Growth and change in a core region: the case of South East England.

Byrne, D. 1989: Beyond the inner city.

Cooke, P., editor, 1989: Localities: the changing face of urban Britain.

Dickens, P. 1989: One nation? Social change and the politics of locality.

Hudson, R. and Sadler, D. 1989: The international steel industry: restructuring, state policies and localities.

Lansley, S., Goss, S. and Wolmar, C. 1989: Councils in conflict. The rise and fall of the municipal left.

Lieberson, S. and Waters, M.C. 1988: From many strands: ethnic and racial groups in contemporary America.

McLeod, J. 1987: Ain’t no making it.

Robson, B. 1988: Those inner cities: reconciling the social and economic aims of urban policy.