The Importance of Being Connected. City Networks and Urban Government: Lyon and Eurocities (1990–2005)


The international dimension of cities and their role in inter‐urban markets and inter‐urban competition are now often studied and analysed from the perspective of public policy, urban planning or geography. Yet few studies highlight the political work that goes on in acquiring this dimension. Focusing on an inter‐urban network such as Eurocities sheds light on this work and makes it possible to move away from an analysis of the Europeanization of cities in terms of centre and periphery. In this network, a horizontal form of Europeanization can be observed. The article examines this inter‐urban network as an inter‐urban configuration. The network is based on relationships between city councils, but due to a sort of cluster effect, it becomes more autonomous and — through resources as well as constraints — influences those relationships, indeed influences urban governance.