Volume 15  Issue 1  March 1991




Locational Behaviour of French High‐Tech Consultancy Firms

Not Depoliticized but Ideologically Successful: the Public Housing Programme in Singapore

Flexibility, Gender and Local Labour Markets — Some Examples from Denmark

On the Links between Home and Work: Family‐Household Strategies in a Buoyant Labour Market

Local Green Politics in West German Cities

Capital Restructuring and the New Built Environment of Global Cities: New York and Los Angeles

Is the emperor naked? A debate on the adequacy of sociological theory in urban and regional research

Three varieties of class analysis: comment on R.E. Pahl

In defence of class analysis: a comment on R.E. Pahl

The identification of social forces in development as a general problem in sociology: a comment on Pahl’s remarks on class and consumption relations as forces in urban and regional development

R.E. Pahl replies

Flexible production systems: analytical tasks and theoretical horizons ‐ a reply to Lovering

Book Reviews