Volume 21  Issue 2  June 1997




Space Traders: Reregulation, Property Companies and Auckland’s Office Market, 1975–94

Flexibilization through Metropolis: The Case of Postfordist Seoul, Korea

Cheap Labor Strategies and Export‐Oriented Industrialization: Some Lessons from the Los Angeles/East Asia Apparel Connection

Consumption and the City, Modern and Postmodern

The Effects of Industry Governance on Offshore Oil Development in the Gulf of Mexico

The Emergence of Post‐Suburban Landscapes on the North Coast of New South Wales: A Case Study of Contested Space

The Marketization of Local Services and the Fragmentation of Labour Markets

Revisiting Informal‐Sector Home Ownership: The Relevance of Household Composition for Housing Options of the Poor

The Cultural Economy of Cities

Three Pernicious Premises in the Study of the American Ghetto

Comment on Loïc J. D. Wacquant, ‘Three Pernicious Premises in the Study of the American Ghetto’

The Specificity of the Chicago Ghetto: Comment on Wacquant’s ‘Three Pernicious Premises’

Conference on Globalization and Collective Action, Santa Cruz, May 1996

Habitat II Conference on Human Settlements, Istanbul, June 1996

The Milos Seminar: Space, Inequality And Difference: from ‘Radical’ to ‘Cultural’ Formulations?, August 1996

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