Volume 23  Issue 2  June 1999




Introduction: Immigrants and the Informal Economy in European Cities

Migrants in the Italian Underground Economy

Informal Spaces: The Geography of Informal Economic Activities in Brussels

Mixed Embeddedness: (In)formal Economic Activities and Immigrant Businesses in the Netherlands

A Look at the ‘Hidden Side’: Turkish Women in Berlin’s Ethnic Labour Market

Everyday Urbanization: The Social Dynamics of Development in Manila’s Extended Metropolitan Region

Fragmented Integration in the Singapore‐Indonesian Border Zone: Southeast Asia’s ‘Growth Triangle’ Against the Global Economy

Regional Production Relationships and Developmental Impacts: A Comparative Study of Three Production Networks

Street Children and Street Life in Urban Tanzania: The Culture of Surviving and its Implications for Children’s Health

Sustainable Urban Development in Europe: Myth or Reality?

An Institutionalist Perspective on Regional Economic Development

Theory Led by Policy: The Inadequacies of the ‘New Regionalism’ (Illustrated from the Case of Wales)

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Book Reviews

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Shorter Reviews