Volume 25  Issue 2  June 2001




Networks, Class and Place

Physical Place and Cyberplace: The Rise of Personalized Networking

Networks, Place and Identities in Post‐industrial Mining Communities

Bricks, Mortar, Memories: Neighbourhood and Networks in Collective Acts of Remembering

Class Formation and Localism in an Emerging Bureaucracy: British Bank Workers, 1880–1960

North American Free Trade and Changes in the Nativity of the Garment Industry Workforce in the United States

The Comparative Economics of EU ‘Subsidiarity’: Lessons from development/regional economic debates

Contesting Flexibility: The Restructuring of Taiwan’s Labor Relations and Spatial Organization

Effectiveness and Empowerment in Women’s Shelter: A Study of Working Women’s Hostels in Bangalore, India

Sketches from the Urban Internationale, 1910–50: Voluntary Associations, International Institutions and US Philanthropic Foundations

Information Technologies and Reconfigurations of Urban Space

Impacts of Information Technologies on Urban Economic and Politics

Community Technology Centers and the Urban Technology Gap

Information Technology and Urban Labor Markets in the United States

Review Articles

National Enterprises, National States and Labour Relations after the End of Globalization

Book Reviews

Book Reviews