Volume 28  Issue 3  September 2004




City of talents? Berlin’s regional economy, socio‐spatial fabric and ‘worst practice’ urban governance

From ‘spaces of place’ to ‘spaces of flows’? Territorial and functional governance in cross‐border regions in Europe and North America

The environment and the entrepreneurial city: searching for the urban ‘sustainability fix’ in Manchester and Leeds

Conjuncture or disjuncture? An institutionalist analysis of local regeneration partnerships in the UK

Innovation, actors and institutions: change and continuity in local development policy in two Hungarian regions

Social inclusion, new regionalism and associational governance: the Queensland experience

Flows and filters: the politics of ICT regions in a global economy


The knowledge brokers: venture capitalists, tacit knowledge and regional development

The politics of mobility in technology‐driven commodity chains: developmental coalitions in the Irish software industry

India’s Silicon Valley or Silicon Valley’s India? Socially Embedding the Computer Software Industry in Bangalore


The co‐optation of squatters in Amsterdam and the emergence of a movement meritocracy: a critical reply to Pruijt

Squatters in the creative city: rejoinder to Justus Uitermark

Dutch housing allowances: social housing at risk

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Social movements and globalization

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Book Reviews