Volume 3  Issue 1‐3  March 1979


In this issue…

Urban class conflict in Africa and Latin America: Comparative analyses from a world systems perspective*

Culture rules OK: class and culture in Brazilian cities

Development through urbanization: a partial evaluation of the Colombian experiment

Pragmatic radicalism

Urban struggles: a critical commentary on the article by Della Seta

Paris, the state and inner city policy: a comment

Planning and profit in the urban economy: a note

Book Reviews

Book reviews


In this issue…

Some key issues in Soviet urban development

Social structure, spatial structure and problems of urban research: The example of Prague*

Some aspects of postwar urban sociology

Housing estates and town communities in postwar Poland

The social goals of residential communities in Poland

The transformation of an urban community in conditions of rapid town development

Structural origins of urban social movements: the case of of Latinos in Chicago

Urban movements and political struggles in Italy

Book Reviews

Urban and regional theory and case studies: two examples


A critique of urban economics

Public enterprise, public works, social fixed capital: Capitalist production of the ‘communal, general conditions of social production’*

The state, capital and land: The history of town planning revisited*

New debates in urban planning: The impact of marxist theory within the United States*

Squatting and private property rights*

The meaning of slums and patterns of change

Book Reviews

1 Comparative housing policy: a study from a political science perspective

2 Can housing policy be an object of research? A stimulating comparative study of British and French housing policy

The impact of citizens’ groups on urban policies: towards a contextual analysis


The structural contradictions of the building industry in Italy, and the significance of the new housing legislation*

Changes in the social structure of southern Italy*

Regional class differences: an international study of capitalism

Australian urban and regional development in the late 1970s: an overview

The struggle against Brisbane’s freeways: 1966–74

Book Reviews

Book Reviews