Volume 30  Issue 2  June 2006


Cities and the ‘War on Terror’

Message in a Metro: Building Urban Rail Infrastructure and Image in Delhi, India

Secessionist Automobility: Racism, Anti‐Urbanism, and the Politics of Automobility in Atlanta, Georgia

Planning à la Carte: The Location Patterns of Gated Communities around Buenos Aires in a Decentralized Planning Context

Coping Strategies in a Wealthy City of Northern Italy

Cross‐border Small‐scale Trading in South‐Eastern Europe: Do Embeddedness and Social Capital Explain Enough?

Business at the margins? Business interests in edge urban politics

The Norwegian Home‐building Industry — Locally Embedded or in the Space of Flows?

Culture in the Rise of Tiger Economies: Scottish Expatriates in Dublin and the ‘Creative Class’ Thesis


DEBATES AND DEVELOPMENTS. Competitive Cities and Secure Nations: Conflict and Convergence in Urban Waterfront Agendas after 9/11

Four Theses in the Study of China’s Urbanization

The Return on Investment of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Book Reviews

Cities, War, and Terrorism: Towards an Urban Geopolitics – Edited by Stephen Graham

City: Urbanism and its End – Douglas Rae

Made in China. Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace – Pun Ngai

Manufacturing Culture: The Institutional Geography of Industrial Practice – Meric S. Gertler

Directors of Urban Change in Asia – Edited by Peter J.M. Nas

Urban Theory and the Urban Experience Encountering the City – Simon Parker

The Dignity of Resistance: Women Residents’ Activism in Chicago Public Housing – Roberta M. Feldman and Susan Stall

Dialogues in Urban & Regional Planning – Edited by Bruce Stiftel and Vanessa Watson

Sustaining Urban Networks: The Social Diffusion of Large Technical Systems – Edited by Olivier Coutard, Richard E. Hanley and Rae Zimmerman